Artist SinGh Gallery

The Artist SinGh Gallery showcases the Art of Michigan based Artist Gurmej SinGh.  He's known for developing his own style of painting called latroArt painting-a technique where he exaggerates the power of lines. He works with multiple styles and techniques of painting.  SinGh's paintings are beautiful, colorful and unique. His experimental artworks bring a new life to the contemporary art scene.  Singh is a holder of several Guinness World Records, a TV producer, the author, and founder of X the ArtPrize- a one million dollar treature hunt. He is a forefather of Stunt Art painting. He rose to fame with a unique ability to paint while performing a plethora of stunts, ranging from jumping from a tower to burying myself alive just to make a painting. As crazy as it sounds the stunt painting has made him a local celebrity. Many news stories have been written about him. The Kalamazoo Gazette has referred to him as the man who redefines art and The Worlds Best Stunt Painter. Singh has been a lifelong painter, and his works are being displayed in galleries and collected by private collectors across the world.

The Gallery hosts several shows showcasing special collections and new releases. Artist SinGh Gallery is based in Michigan since 2003. It commenced in the Park Trades Center in Downtown Kalamazoo, and now it's been relocated centrally between  Kalamazoo City and Portage City, near Kilgore Road and South Burdick Street. 

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You may also contact us to make an appointment to view the available works at Artist SinGh Studio in Kalamazoo or BattleCreek Michigan.

The Artist SinGh Gallery

4120 South Burdick Street

Kalamazoo, Michigan- 49001

(269) 978-0808

Walk-in hours:

Wednesday through Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm



Artist SinGh Gallery and Studio specialize in Corporate Art, Investment Art, Buy and Sell Art, Experts in large-scale art, Corporate Sculptures, Corporate art display and installation, Prototype building, Custom Framing , Art Auctions and more.

Custom Picture Framing

In 2003, Artist Singh started custom framing shop in downtown Kalamazoo and to date we have continues offering framing service to our customers. We offer our customers many years of experience with a wide variety of frame collections from readymades to custom lengths with the high quality of craftsmanship.

Fine Art Consultation

ASG design consultant will visit your home or business, bringing artwork, prints, ideas, and solutions straight to your door.

Collection Management Services

Having a visual and written account of your collection in an easy to use format may be the best way to ensure your investment and catalog your valuables. Great for organizational and insurance purposes.

Installation and Delivery

We transport artwork, mirrors, and 3-dimensional objects of any size. Whether you're moving, renovating or rearranging, we can help pack, ship, design, or install your art. We also offer insured worldwide shipping and crating.

Custom Design and Fabrication

At ATG, We love challenges. We can design and fabricate custom display mounts, exhibit cases, vitrines, pedestals, shipping crates, expansion stretchers for paintings, and more. Our fabrication shops fully equipped to work in metal, wood, and acrylic. We can also assist in any special projects and large-scale sculpture conservation and restoration projects.

Gallery Rental

Host your next fundraiser, private party, or corporate mixer in the sophisticated atmosphere of our galleries. (We are not offering this service temporarily. For more Information, please call 2699780808.)

Fine Art Restoration

Full-service restoration available for paintings, frames, and all sorts of artwork.

Commissions and special projects

Our experience in the fine art business has helped us build strong relationships within our community. Connecting artist and designers with creative directors and project managers are one of the most specialized services that we offer.

Corporate Art

Corporate Art Means Business. Art for business can enhance your workplace and support your business objectives. Create a stimulating work environment. We can help with this! Call us for a free consultation.

Investment Art

If you are looking into investing in art we can help you to check the authenticity of the artwork. Call us for a free consultation.

Buy and Sell Art

We can help you buy and sell your art. Call us for a free consultation

Corporate team building painting activities

Art activities help in team building. Let us bring an art activities to your employees and help them engage in a common mission like never before.

Experts in large-scale art

We help our clients buy, sell, and install large-scale art. When you're with us, you are in safe hands.

Corporate Sculptures

If you're looking for small or large scale sculptures to represent your company logo or mission statement we can help.

Corporate art display and installation

We know art can be valuable and price. Security and proper lighting and installation is a must. We got you covered. We do this all the time. Call us for a free consultation.

Prototype building

One of the essential early steps in the inventing process is creating a prototype--which, simply defined, is a three-dimensional version of your vision. Please call for a free consultation.

We donate art to build communities

Artist SinGh donates his artworks for the welfare of the have-nots. Please apply here to receive this gift.
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